DOC VFW COVID-19 Update.         Sixth Amended PHO 20-28.               CDC COVID-19 

From the DOC VFW "A Message to Our Members"
Updated June 7, 2020

The recent events concerning the Coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic are unparalleled in our lifetime and we understand how devastating the closure of our financial lifelines are. As you consider your next steps please keep in mind the requirements of our bylaws, and the need to adhere with all applicable laws.  I truly believe that with flexibility, creativity and ingenuity we can achieve the goal of conducting the business of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States in Colorado.

Please see my letter to members and contact me if you have questions or ideas that we can share and as always, be safe and don't forget to check on your buddies.

David Stone
Commander, Department of Colorado VFW
Safer at Home and in the Vast Great Outdoors
​"Safer at Home” implemented under Public Order 20-28 which was amended as "Safer at Home and in the Vast, Great Outdoors" which became effective on 5 June 2020.  This means is that we may be able to resume in-person restaurant operations but we cannot open our canteens as bars.  We can also return to our Posts for small group activities of less than 10 people such as meetings and workgroups provided that we adhere to Public Health Order 20-28.  See for additional guidance.

The new measures include: 
  • Vulnerable populations and older adults are urged to stay at home except when absolutely necessary
  • No group gatherings over 10 people
  • Critical businesses will remain open with strict precautions
  • Retail businesses remain open for curbside delivery and phased in public opening with strict precautions
  • Restaurants may open for in-person dinning on May 27th with restrictions
  • Bars, taverns, etc. are not allowed to offer on-premises consumption unless they also offer food from a licensed provider
  • Private campgrounds and certain personal recreation activities are permitted with restrictions
  • Gyms, recreation centers, outdoor pools, playgrounds and outdoor sport facilities may open with restrictions
  • Life rite services, wedding ceremonies, funerals etc. are permitted (excluding receptions) with restrictions
  • Certain competitive events are permitted with restrictions
  • Personal services (salons, dog grooming, personal training, etc.) are permitted with restrictions.


Colorado Public Health Orders
Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment has issued the following Public Health Orders due to COVID-19.  Also note that your city or county may have approved variances.

The Sixth Amended Public Health Order 20-28 "Safer at Home and in the Vast, Great Outdoors" was issued on 5 June 2020 and runs through 30 June 2020. It amended Public Health Order 20-28 that implemented "Safer at Home" model which ran through 1 June 2020.

Public Health Order 20-24 required Coloradans to Stay at Home whenever possible.  This order has expired and is being replaced with Public Health Order 20-28.​


VA Medical Information
Stay up to Date and subscribe to your local VA Medical Center Gov.Delivery. Western Slope Veterans should go to and those on the Front Range should go to and Cheyenne VA Medical Center can go to Once you found your Medical Center’s home page look on the right side for "Connect with VA…” enter your desired email address and click sign up.

Nurse Advise Lines 
Rocky Mountain Regional VA Medical Center: 303-399-8020 or 888-336-8262, option 3
Grand Junction VA Medical Center: 866-369-8020
Cheyenne VA Medical Center: 866-369-8020
New Mexico VA Health Care System: 855-945-2311 310-966-4211

​You think you are positive for COVID-19
COVID-19 testing is occurring at the Denver Medical Center North Parking lot Monday through Friday, in Colorado Springs CBOC in the main parking lot from 8.30 until 3pm, and the Cheyenne Medical Center in the main parking lot, at the Grand Junction Medical Center they ask that the Veteran calls the Nurse Advise at 866-369-8020 to be triaged and directed to the best service they can provide. New Mexico VA Health Care System, approach the Emergency Department and you will funneled into screeners who will help you. 

All four medical Centers ask that no one who suspects they have symptoms for COVID-19 appear directly in the Medical Center or the Emergency Department, call in to the Nurse Advise Line first.