James R. Griffith; El Paso County Homeless Veterans Coalition - 11/7/2021



We served 85 Veterans at the Stand Down: 82 were male and 3 were female, or 96% male and 4% female. 

18 men and 2 women were post 9-11 Veterans or 21% of the men and 66% of the women. 

45 male Veterans were homeless (out of 82 males or 55%) and 1 female Veteran was homeless (out of 3 women or 33%). 

15 out 18 post 9-11 male Veterans were Homeless or 83 %, and 1 out of 3 post 9-11 female veterans or 33% were homeless. 

84 completed surveys were returned, and one 1 survey was not filled out for a 99% return rate.

The Stand Down assisted 13% of the community’s August Veteran homeless population of 345 at the end of August 2021(46/345 or 13%).

RMHS assisted 40 Veterans.  RMHS completed 10 paper VI-SPDATs, and 11 more real-time data entries for a total of 21 VI-SPDATs.  This validated the Stand Down as a major gateway event for the community’s Coordinated Entry Program.  Of the total number of homeless (46 Veterans) 21 were newly homeless or 46% of the homeless attending the event.


Volunteers and Hours:


The EPCHVC Board each put in around 1 hour per month for 10 members times 12 months or 120 hours.

The Stand Down Chairman James Griffith put in 125 hours planning for the event over the course of the year.

The Logistics Chairman Lt. Col. Michael Schriever put in 150 hours over the course of the year and his Assistant Melissa Mollenkamp and her three volunteers over 150 hours for a total of 300 hours.

Total planning hours were 545 hours.



We had 225 Volunteers from 48 community partners manning 46 community tables (some more than one table) and 52 stations total. The Volunteers each logged around 8 hours or 1,800 hours for the event.

We had eight El Paso County Homeless Veterans Coalition Board members who served 9 hours each or 72 hours for the event.

We had 110 Military Escorts who served 9 hours each (counting setup and tear down) or 990 hours for the event.

Total Volunteer Hours for the event were 2,862 hours.


Total planning and event hours came to 3,407 hours.



48 Community Partner tables signed up for the event.  There were 6 no shows and four add-ons for a total of 46 Community Partners present at the event.

There were 50 pizzas purchased for the volunteers at a cost of $299.50

Sodexo provided 225 meals at $9.00 per meal or a total of $2,025.00.  20 meals were donated to the Crawford House and 20 meals were donated to the Springs Rescue Mission.  800 Bottled Waters and Ice were purchased for $60.00

The American Red Cross gave out 85 hygiene kits at $15 per kit or $1,275.00.

The American Legion Post 209 gave out 69 packs at $5.21 per pack or $359.38.

The VA Liaison Program gave out 11 bags at $5 per bag or $55, 20 stress balls at $2 per ball or $40, 30 phone cards at $5 per card or $80, and 32 pieces of information for a total or $175.00.

I Support the Girls gave out 50 hygiene kits valued at $500.00, 10 sports bras valued at $250.00, 35 maxi-pad packs valued at $35.00, and 23 tampon packs valued at $46.00 for a total of $831.00.

The PFC Lindstrom Clinic Immunization Clinic administered 30 Flu shots and 5 COVID vaccinations.

Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society, Xi Phi Chapter assisted 10 veterans with wound care.

22 Until None gave out 152 toothpaste, 152 toothbrush, 152 sanitizing wipes, 65 pairs of men's socks, 30 pairs of women's socks, 152 soap bars, and 76 cookies for a total of $1,200.00.

The Pikes Peak Humane Society and Street Dog Coalition vaccinated three Veterans' pets for a total of $180.00.

DAV and DAVA 26 Knob Hill Chapter gave out clothing and supplies valued at $460.11.

UCCS Veteran and Military Affairs Office gave out office supplies and phone cards valued at $95.00.

Navy Federal Credit Union gave out supplies valued at $250.00.

Peak View Behavioral Services gave out $175 worth of socks, $80 worth of gloves, $50 worth of snacks and candy for a total of $305.00.

Summit Behavioral Healthcare's Tactical Recovery Program gave out $60 worth of masks, $5 worth of water, and $40 worth of snacks for a total of $105.00.

El Paso County Veterans Service Office assisted 69 veterans.

The Salvation Army's R.J. Montgomery Center gave out supplies valued at $100.00.

Toni Guy Hairstyle Academy gave out 35 haircuts at $10 per cut for a total of $350.00.

EPCHVC Veteran Assistance Grant civilian clothing given out valued at $10,741.93.

EPCHVC DRMO clothing and equipment given out valued at $80,000.00.

Total value of goods and services provided came to $197,623.84.

II.  After Action Report on the 2021 Colorado Springs Stand Down:


1.  Obviously the numbers were down this year with only 85 veterans attending with any number of possible reasons for it: warmer weather, earlier date, need for better communications about the event, etc.


2.  Include some sort of bag probably heavy-duty trash bags at the veteran registration table at the very beginning of the line so veterans can haul their initial stuff until they get to the DRMO rucksacks.


3.  At the Wound Care station provide antibiotic packets.


4.  1 to 2 days before the event give out a packet of bus passes and stand down cards at the Springs Mission, Marion House, and Acacia Park to homeless veterans.


5.  Identify the event by signage as No Smoking and No Pot.


6.  Have a big sign announcing the Volunteer Registration Table and the Veteran Registration Table using sandwich board signs.


7.  Oscar Vaughn has been suggested as a potential Associate Board Member.


8.  Drop those groups who said they would come and reserved a table but did not show up and pick up those groups who did not reserve a table but showed up anyway.


9.  Pay for a street wide banner announcing the Stand Down and contact the city to hang it up over Bijou Street or Kiowa Street.


10.  Contact the Colorado Switchbacks Management to see if the 2022 Stand Down could be held at Weidner Field which would assist with location, parking, and community relations.


11.  Have the EPCHVC Executive Board discuss the advantages verses disadvantages of moving the Stand Down from the 2nd Tuesday of October to the 2nd Saturday of October then present it to the 2022 Annual Meeting.


12.  If we must keep the Stand Down at the parking lot of First Baptist Church then add one or more additional port-a-potties.

James R. Griffith
El Paso County Homeless Veterans Coalition
Phone: 719-200-8223